16 Apr 2015

New donation system!  This should assist xbeastguyx a lot, as the old system was overpriced, buggy, and an overall pain.

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Terms of Service


Terms Of Service.

By donating you accept that this is a non-refundable digital payment.  Charging back will result in a first questioning, if that response is not a valid reason, a ban will be taken due to fees.  You also accept that if you get banned, a refund will not be given.  As well as being a donator does not allow you to violate any rules, rules are rules.  Breaking any of the rules will result in the action therefore stated by the broken rule. Any abuse of extra permissions gained via donating will result in an according punishment (removal, or modification of permission).

Beast Gaming

"Us", "We", "Our", "The community" all refers to Community name as a group, and as a community. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our service.  If you feel this is substantial, contact xbeastguyx via the forums.